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Amma Magi is my new name since autumn 2010. I am not adding a new identity but rather becoming who I truly am, God in form. The time is obviously ripe. You can follow my earlier story on my website:

While I am getting to know myself better as Amma Magi, I will share my thoughts and experiences in this blog. Life is becoming a celebration - and I want to share my joy.


Diary Posted on Mon, September 24, 2012 00:13:01


23rd September 2012

Little did I know when I switched on my “favourite music” map on my computer this evening that I would end up with a female favourite as “the Best”.

Music features in our lives in many ways. Earlier this week I felt I was on the verge of flipping, meaning that my consciousness was about to go insane, out of control. What is the norm and what is “my comfort zone”? What and how do I want to be?

I want to expand, to enjoy, feel balance and well-being. I want to be the Best for me. Why can’t we all be like this? Of course we can, if we allow ourselves to be.

It is a beautiful peaceful evening here in Greece as I am listening to the cicadas through my open window. Suddenly a lady’s sensual voice is bursting through the magic silence: Tina Turner. Enjoy!

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Amma Magi

Missionary of Life


Diary Posted on Mon, September 10, 2012 18:32:35


Monday 10th September, 2012

Little did I know when I wrote my last blog on 1st September that that very same evening I would encounter a shock which is still reeling within me.

I passed a road accident on my way to pick up some friends in a nearby village. We had to pass it one more time on our way up the mountains to an outdoor concert. We had no idea who was involved. We only saw a damaged car and a smashed motorbike next to it. The local voluntary rescue team, known as Gaia, was well in place, organising both rescue and the flow of traffic. An ambulance had already passed at full speed towards the hospital in Kalamata.

During a delightful supper before the concert we were entertained by a very talented young lady who called herself a cosmic gypsy. Her artistic name is Karla Stereochemistry. “You earthlings, you have one great fear”, she joked. “You are so afraid of death. But you are all going to die.” Playing a guitar, singing her own lyrics like auto-biographical poetry, she spread humour and wisdom.

The evening was beautiful, like most evenings here in Mani, Greece. The concert that followed was superb with two professional German musicians, sharing their love of jazz, one on piano and one on violin. Olivia Trummer and Gregor Heubner.

Half way through the concert, during a break, the hostess announced the sad news of a close friend who had died that evening in a road accident. She mentioned his name. It was not until later it dawned on me that it was someone I knew. The name Stavros (meaning Cross) is common but there is only one Stavros who is our beloved postman. I have known him since I first moved here to Greece in 1999.

My perspective on life is changing. Princess Diana taught me about death and transition into another dimension through the book “The celestial voice of Diana” by Rita Eide. I am being reminded that there are no accidents. We are all responsible for everything that is happening in our lives. There is no blame.

The surreal “accident” sending Stavros out of his physical body and onwards to eternal life, is shifting my consciousness into heart-centred awareness. This is a lesson. God has a message for all of us left behind. Our “real” home is awaiting us … as we are all going to “die”.

Gratitude is a grace. Life is grace.

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life

The Voice of my Heart

Diary Posted on Sat, September 01, 2012 13:02:39


1st September 2012

Resonance. I am following my flow/resonance … from my Heart.

Right now I am re-reading “The celestial voice of Diana – her spiritual guidance to finding love” by Rita Eide (Findhorn Press 1999). The book speaks to my Heart.

The Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, died in a car crash in Paris on 31st August 1997. Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of her passing. Her sudden and violent death shocked me into a deeper kind of love, as I shifted much of my perspective in the weeks and months that followed. At first, the whole event depicted by the media, with the television broadcast of her funeral, seemed totally surreal. It was not until I visited Kensington Palace myself, her London home, that the impact touched my heart. It was an ordinary weekday in September, the actual day before all the thousands of flowers left by her main gate and spreading out as an enormous blanket into the park, were going to be removed. I entered by the northern gate to Kensington Gardens, by Queensgate, and walked down towards High Street Kensington. Immediately I felt I had stepped into an ethereal, silent realm in the very heart of London. There were thousands of people wandering around as if in a daze but no-body spoke. The only sound piercing the silence was the occasional mobile phone ringing. Everywhere were flowers, toys, candles … From this day forth I was touched by the Spirit of Diana. I felt her tangible presence in my life, like the brush of a light feather, a whisper from a loving sister, always with a touch of sprightly humour.

Shortly after Diana’s death I somehow connected with a medium in Norway, Rita Eide, who channelled Diana and wrote the book I am now re-reading. Rita shared with me some of the private pranks Diana was up to at the time as we lightened our hearts with giggles and laughter. It was so liberating!

But a sobering thought is, how do we live our lives as human beings? I will quote from the Preface of this book:

“For, like Diana, all that we know for certain is that at some point in time, some place in the near or far future, our time on earth will also run out. And then, the remaining questions will have to be answered: “Did I behave or act the way I really wanted to? Did I follow the direction of my heart, so that I can be content with m life – now that it is over? Or did some other part of me, my fear, my limited thoughts, my denials and lack of faith decide my words and actions?” Remember, if you cannot answer, “Yes”, if fear so far has got the better of you, it is not too late. Your heart is waiting for you for as long as it takes. Holding eternal love.” Rita Eide, October 1997

Enjoy the month of September!


Amma Magi

Full Moon Magic

Diary Posted on Wed, August 01, 2012 23:57:10


1st August 2012

Well, almost. Tomorrow is a Full Moon. But today was a magical day.

Early morning, after a quick walk with the dog, I jumped in my car and headed towards our nearby town, Kalamata. This is a journey I do no more than twice a month, only for essential errands, about an hours’ drive each way. But today I made a prior intention: I want to have some fun.

I got as far as the next village along, Kardamyli, when I had to slow down to pass along the main village street through shops and cafés. I became aware of quick eye glances from people I passed. Not many but each one with a curious look. Eyes meeting eyes. Enough for me to start off a series of philosophical thoughts. Yes, I could write a whole essay about “eyes meeting eyes”, and the silent wonder of each “look”. Who is this person? Do I know them? Yet, there is “an aliveness” in each “look”.

As I live a life of isolation, loving my work within my small boundary, every journey outside my sovereignty is a big step out into the world. I discover that I need people to make me feel “alive”. My dog will always recognise me and accept me but without human beings, responding to my perplexity, will I ever know who I am?

I had my usual tight schedule with errands but this time I opened up for some “fun”. I gave myself time to absorb the atmosphere. Walking down a particular street full of cafés, still early morning, I noticed that each one gave off a certain musical tone. The music seemed to be the determined factor of attraction. It certainly was varied, like different discos. Well, it was a kind of new awareness for me.

I jumped in my car again to drive further out to more vistas. I have a favourite little coffee shop along the Athens road, Athanasiou, where I stopped. A cold frappé (coffee) and a snack. As soon as I stepped inside this little paradise, I heard my favourite music that has not been played for a long time: “Over the Hill” with Monika It just made me freeze. Yes, a stopping place where I did not want to move. It was more than just an awakening, it was a positive feeling of “fun”. Sheer fun! How did God know?

My next stop was a store where I had seen a picture a couple of weeks ago which kind of chocked me (while visiting the store with friends buying all sorts of pictures and other beautiful features for their new house). It had taken me a lot of courage to go back and buy the one and only picture waiting for me. How can I describe it? A glamorous Hollywood-looking star in full spotlight, Marilyn Monroe style, blond with red lipstick, a delicious cream sleeveless dress, wine-glass in hand, being totally adored by a crawling assortment of paparazzi trying to reach up to the glamour outshining them. An outrageous picture really but it reminded me of my father, making a prediction when I was still a teenager: Rissan Nelron – A Hollywood Star!

Rissan was a nickname since early childhood. Nelron is just the revert of my maiden name: Norlen. A Hollywood Star, indeed? It seemed an absolute impossibility. I ended up settling in London, working my butt off. Really! But I did visit Hollywood, almost a dozen times, because that’s where my Yoga Master lived and I adored him. And I became friends with his whole colony in LA. So I am not really unknown in Hollywood.

Just for fun, today, I bought this picture. And I allowed Rissan Nelron to grace my front room with her wine glass in hand, outshining her admiring crew.

That is not nearly as interesting as the one and only rain, thunder and lightening event of today, after I got home from my errands in Kalamata.

Panos, my beloved Greek man who passed on some five years ago, and whose birthday it would have been yesterday, told me that it always rained on his birthday. The whole summer in Greece there is no rain but on his birthday there is always a shower. Well, yesterday we had rumbling of thunder in the Taygetos mountains but it never reached the slopes down to Stoupa. But today, late afternoon, we felt the full force of wonderful cooling rain and thunder. Thank you, Panos!

And don’t forget – tomorrow is a Full Moon!



Missionary of Life


Diary Posted on Mon, June 25, 2012 18:16:20


Saturday 23rd June, 2012

The small amphitheatre is overlooking the round stone platform; in its midst is placed a grand piano, nothing else.

The heat of the summer evening is stifling. We are sitting close to each other on yellow cushions on the hard stone surface, eagerly awaiting the concert. The sun has just descended behind the mountains in the distance and the landscape below us is bathing in its afterglow. The sea in front is stretching out to eternity, its pale blue colour melting into the sky above the horizon.

In the stillness I notice the curtains. Two pale cream coloured curtains with beautiful embroidery in shades of brown are gently moving in the slight breeze. They mark the entrance of the performers, a little bit to the side of the main stone steps leading down from the public entrance to the stage. As the curtains separate for short moments with the breeze, I can catch a glimpse of the landscape behind. Facing west, the sky is pink and lilac behind the dark grey contours of the mountains. A small lamp lights up some green bushes in the garden behind, offering a hint of the oncoming darkness.

I keep admiring the curtains and feeling elated every time the bulge in the thin cotton separates to allow me to view the splendour behind.

Suddenly I see figures behind the curtains, shades embracing each other in turn. The performers and the lady hostess about to present them. Four graceful women in silhouette in the twilight, probably unaware that anyone is watching. This makes the moment so magical for me.

The sky is painted dark crimson with a new moon only a few days old, as the three lady performers enthral their audience with opera, arias and Greek songs.

Occasionally the dog of the hostess strays over the stage in wonderment of the many people paying her attention, and a cat or two walk along the top ridge of the theatre looking down. It is an evening to enjoy for everyone.

As it is the opening concert for a whole summer programme, the hostess is inviting everyone to a party afterwards. Plenty of food and drink served in the house next door with the awesome view of stars in the sky above and stars in the form of village lighting below in the vast landscape spreading out in front of us.

There is plenty of time to mix and mingle. A multitude of nationals, young and old.

Dancing is promised. After a while the hostess disappears to turn on the disco music. The stage is now cleared. The grand piano has been moved.

The first musical tones to flow into the night air come from “Dancing Queen” by Abba. The stage is lit but empty. I take the chance. I walk down the main stone steps to the stage, remove my shoes, and start dancing.

Alone on the round platform, I spread my wings and fly. I am all movement. I could not resist because my first thought on hearing the music was: “Panos is here”. My beloved Greek man, who has been gone for the last five years, is still with me. Abba was his favourite music and became a signature during our car rides together throughout Greece. He used to swing his solid body in the passenger seat as I was driving, shaking the car. We had such fun. He should see me now, swinging my slim body to the musical tones of my Swedish compatriots.

As the next Abba song rings out people start joining me on the dance floor. It seems to come natural to them to dance to the familiar rhythm of Abba. The disco night continues with old and new hits, Latin American rhythms and other tempting music.

I check with my driver and fellow passenger when they want to leave. They are not dancing, only watching. Soon, they say. Then I hear people calling out for more Abba. There is a chorus rising up into the night sky: More Abba, Abba, Abba!

As “Dancing Queen” makes its second debut this evening, I join the crowd for a last dance. The stage is full of swirling, jumping, dancing men, women and children.

What a night!

I am being watched by Panos. I am certain of that.

And we are all being watched by the Magic Curtains, behind which the music centre is hidden.

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life


Diary Posted on Fri, June 08, 2012 00:47:39


8th June, 2012

To work united with God is the greatest art to be mastered in this world. To carry on all activities with God-consciousness is the supreme yoga.

Paramahansa Yogananda



The greatest art to be mastered in this world is self-realization. This is true union with God as we are all God in Form. We are limitless in our creativeness.

Express, expand, enjoy … and Know Thyself!

Self-realization translated into modern language is Self-Empowerment.

Take responsibility for your life and become Self-Empowered!

Amma Magi

June 2012


Diary Posted on Fri, June 01, 2012 14:54:55


1st June 2012

Goose bumps, shivers up my spine … yes! “Euphoria” with Loreen from Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012! Here I see, feel and hear the powerful energy of love and joy, balanced between female and male, expressed through graceful movements of dance and music. Watch it here:

I recently read an article about the benefits of singing, how sound vibrations from the vocal chords resonate through our minds and bodies to harmonize with the universe. An excellent way of healing.

Last night I attended a delightful event at Sonnenlink here in Mani where a poet/singer recited exquisite poetry by Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Blake, Shelley and Byron by singing out loud, accompanied by a pianist intuitively interpreting the “mood” of each poem. An excellent performance – yes, euphoric! The influence of the Renaissance, Western cultural enlightenment, came alive again to continue its flow.

The word “euphoria” is Greek, meaning intense feelings of well-being, elation, happiness, ecstasy, excitement and joy.

Allow euphoria …!

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life


Diary Posted on Tue, April 17, 2012 17:12:27


17th April, 2012

Who is pulling the rug from under my feet?

I scribble down words like: exploring possibilities, re-discovering myself, innocence …

Then I start writing a story: “Hello Earth! I’m just looking in. How are you? Are you feeling well? What’s going on?”

I am a dreamer. That’s the verdict revealed to me during lunch a few days ago. We were sitting at a tavern by the sea in Stoupa, me and three girl friends. My friends had been analysing what category they belonged to. One of the girls (we are all girls at 60+) was a “helper”, another “a wonderer”, always asking questions, etc. Immediately I admitted I was a dreamer. Good description. At school I was always day-dreaming, looking out of the window.

It struck me how easy it is to be in denial. Our friends see us as we really are, at least in their eyes. I recently read a citation going something like this: When I get bored with being “normal”, I go back to being myself.

This is how this blog started off, going “official” about whom I truly am, while trying to find out who I truly am.

The last few days I have spent in silence, no TV, no radio, no music, no people. Instead I have sorted out paper work in my office, spiritual newsletters I have printed out from my computer, piles of them; spiritual books, piles of them; my own spiritual writings, piles of them … In the end the pendulum swung the other way. No spiritual material (my heart and head are full). Instead a binge on sudoko and solitaire on the computer, something seemingly useless.

How do I live a “normal” life?

My guideline throughout my life has always been: “I don’t care how people judge me as long as I can sleep with my own conscience.”



Amma Magi

Missionary of Life

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