8th September 2013

I am reflecting. Since I purchased the Mary, Queen of Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue just after my birthday this year (21st June), I have been given some helpful guidance.

Shortly afterwards I asked the Oracle a question about finding a life partner. The answer I received was: Marriage. Oh, my heart opened. Living alone for many years I was suddenly filled with hope.

I used the cards again on several occasions for various issues in my life and found they gave me good guidance.

On 1st September I asked the Oracle what the message was for that day. Again I got the card Marriage. But it did not make sense? There was still no man in sight on the horizon. I carefully read the text from the guidebook: “I make a commitment to a healthy relationship with God, myself, and my partner.” Well, I did actually have a partner, my dog.

Being an enthusiastic metaphysician (energy worker), I decided on creating a ceremony on the day of the next New Moon to “marry” my dog. Yes, make a clear declaration of unconditional love, support and protection for my beloved dog. He is now five years old and more mature than he was when I first got him, only eight weeks old. We have grown together and he is my best friend and partner.

So on Thursday 5th September I arranged a little ceremony in my garden, declaring my love and gratitude for my little loyal friend, making him a symbol for God’s Love for all Creation that we may live in peace and harmony. I felt such joy!

I picked three cards from the Oracle deck after the ceremony as “wedding gifts”:

1. INTEGRITY – I trust my ability to know what is true for me.
2. DEVOTION – As I fully commit to my values, relationships, and God, I am clear about what to do next.
3. JOY – By enjoying this moment, I am giving thanks to God for my life.

Now “marriage” has taken on a new meaning in my life. I am more open to the energy of Love!

Amma Magi
Missionary of Life