8th November, 2012

An old friend from the village visited me today. We have not spoken for a while. As he entered my terrace, with my little dog excitedly announcing his arrival with loud barks, I just waved my arm over the jasmine branches covering the terrace railing with the sun-glittering Mediterranean Sea behind. “This is Paradise,” I said. He nodded in approval.

After some exchange of formalities and news we sat down in silence. I realised no words were needed. We both smiled to one another. Yes, this is paradise.

This week I am surrounded by friends on brief visits before returning home to northern Europe. Several days in a row we have reserved large tables at tavernas, enjoying good food and great company. Everyone is amazed how we can sit in shirt-sleeves at 10 o’clock at night. This is southern Greece!

All the time I am being reminded that we are approaching a pivotal time in our history here on planet Earth. The date is 21st December 2012, the Winter Solstice. How do I relate to that? I don’t know. For the third year running I am planning my usual pre-Christmas celebration of the Solstice by inviting close friends to an evening of good food, camaraderie and story-telling by the log fire in my house. The date also marks the departure of my Greek partner, affectionately known as Socrates, who died on this day in 2007. He named my communal large room “Logos on Earth”. His heart is still with us.

Yes, embracing life. Only we, you and I individually, can embrace that which we are and share in the joy of being alive together at this time – because we have chosen to be here. Whatever experiences we are going through, we are in the right place at the right time. Just look for the gifts!

Today I wish to share with you the Paradise I am experiencing on this beautiful planet Earth. My wish for you is that you are experiencing your own Paradise within your own Heart and spreading it out with Love for all of us to enjoy.

Blessings to all,

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life