2nd October 2012

Awakening, awareness, ascension, shift, change, transformation …

I can think of dozens of words that conjure up the times we live in, the urgency, the rush …

Suddenly these words feel like an escape, getting away from life as I see it. What’s wrong with life? Why can’t I live life as it is, here and now?

Last weekend I attended a 3-day retreat called “The Mystery Experience”. Tim Freke came over from England to take about 25 of us through philosophical ideas, scientific research, personal experiences and group practices. We stayed at the beautiful Estia Hotel in Finikounda, Messinia, Greece.

I went along with no specific intentions other than having a good time and meeting like-minded people. Having read his new book with the same title I was open to whatever experience was awaiting me.

Now, two days later after being back in the mundane world, I am sitting in my garden with music streaming from the open window of my office behind me, watching the sun set. What did I get out of this retreat, apart from making many new friends?

I came to realise that the most forbidden longing I carry in my heart is permission to love myself as I am.

Could this be the ultimate secret to peace, harmony and well-being in the world? Does every living being on the planet have this same, deep longing to just know and love oneself?

What if I could look at myself in the mirror, see through my eyes into infinite being and know that I am love? And to be able to embrace it!

Thank you, Tim, for triggering this deep longing to meet myself as the essence of love that I am!

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life