23rd September 2012

Little did I know when I switched on my “favourite music” map on my computer this evening that I would end up with a female favourite as “the Best”.

Music features in our lives in many ways. Earlier this week I felt I was on the verge of flipping, meaning that my consciousness was about to go insane, out of control. What is the norm and what is “my comfort zone”? What and how do I want to be?

I want to expand, to enjoy, feel balance and well-being. I want to be the Best for me. Why can’t we all be like this? Of course we can, if we allow ourselves to be.

It is a beautiful peaceful evening here in Greece as I am listening to the cicadas through my open window. Suddenly a lady’s sensual voice is bursting through the magic silence: Tina Turner. Enjoy!

Here’s the link:

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life