Monday 10th September, 2012

Little did I know when I wrote my last blog on 1st September that that very same evening I would encounter a shock which is still reeling within me.

I passed a road accident on my way to pick up some friends in a nearby village. We had to pass it one more time on our way up the mountains to an outdoor concert. We had no idea who was involved. We only saw a damaged car and a smashed motorbike next to it. The local voluntary rescue team, known as Gaia, was well in place, organising both rescue and the flow of traffic. An ambulance had already passed at full speed towards the hospital in Kalamata.

During a delightful supper before the concert we were entertained by a very talented young lady who called herself a cosmic gypsy. Her artistic name is Karla Stereochemistry. “You earthlings, you have one great fear”, she joked. “You are so afraid of death. But you are all going to die.” Playing a guitar, singing her own lyrics like auto-biographical poetry, she spread humour and wisdom.

The evening was beautiful, like most evenings here in Mani, Greece. The concert that followed was superb with two professional German musicians, sharing their love of jazz, one on piano and one on violin. Olivia Trummer and Gregor Heubner.

Half way through the concert, during a break, the hostess announced the sad news of a close friend who had died that evening in a road accident. She mentioned his name. It was not until later it dawned on me that it was someone I knew. The name Stavros (meaning Cross) is common but there is only one Stavros who is our beloved postman. I have known him since I first moved here to Greece in 1999.

My perspective on life is changing. Princess Diana taught me about death and transition into another dimension through the book “The celestial voice of Diana” by Rita Eide. I am being reminded that there are no accidents. We are all responsible for everything that is happening in our lives. There is no blame.

The surreal “accident” sending Stavros out of his physical body and onwards to eternal life, is shifting my consciousness into heart-centred awareness. This is a lesson. God has a message for all of us left behind. Our “real” home is awaiting us … as we are all going to “die”.

Gratitude is a grace. Life is grace.

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life