1st September 2012

Resonance. I am following my flow/resonance … from my Heart.

Right now I am re-reading “The celestial voice of Diana – her spiritual guidance to finding love” by Rita Eide (Findhorn Press 1999). The book speaks to my Heart.

The Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, died in a car crash in Paris on 31st August 1997. Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of her passing. Her sudden and violent death shocked me into a deeper kind of love, as I shifted much of my perspective in the weeks and months that followed. At first, the whole event depicted by the media, with the television broadcast of her funeral, seemed totally surreal. It was not until I visited Kensington Palace myself, her London home, that the impact touched my heart. It was an ordinary weekday in September, the actual day before all the thousands of flowers left by her main gate and spreading out as an enormous blanket into the park, were going to be removed. I entered by the northern gate to Kensington Gardens, by Queensgate, and walked down towards High Street Kensington. Immediately I felt I had stepped into an ethereal, silent realm in the very heart of London. There were thousands of people wandering around as if in a daze but no-body spoke. The only sound piercing the silence was the occasional mobile phone ringing. Everywhere were flowers, toys, candles … From this day forth I was touched by the Spirit of Diana. I felt her tangible presence in my life, like the brush of a light feather, a whisper from a loving sister, always with a touch of sprightly humour.

Shortly after Diana’s death I somehow connected with a medium in Norway, Rita Eide, who channelled Diana and wrote the book I am now re-reading. Rita shared with me some of the private pranks Diana was up to at the time as we lightened our hearts with giggles and laughter. It was so liberating!

But a sobering thought is, how do we live our lives as human beings? I will quote from the Preface of this book:

“For, like Diana, all that we know for certain is that at some point in time, some place in the near or far future, our time on earth will also run out. And then, the remaining questions will have to be answered: “Did I behave or act the way I really wanted to? Did I follow the direction of my heart, so that I can be content with m life – now that it is over? Or did some other part of me, my fear, my limited thoughts, my denials and lack of faith decide my words and actions?” Remember, if you cannot answer, “Yes”, if fear so far has got the better of you, it is not too late. Your heart is waiting for you for as long as it takes. Holding eternal love.” Rita Eide, October 1997

Enjoy the month of September!


Amma Magi