1st August 2012

Well, almost. Tomorrow is a Full Moon. But today was a magical day.

Early morning, after a quick walk with the dog, I jumped in my car and headed towards our nearby town, Kalamata. This is a journey I do no more than twice a month, only for essential errands, about an hours’ drive each way. But today I made a prior intention: I want to have some fun.

I got as far as the next village along, Kardamyli, when I had to slow down to pass along the main village street through shops and cafés. I became aware of quick eye glances from people I passed. Not many but each one with a curious look. Eyes meeting eyes. Enough for me to start off a series of philosophical thoughts. Yes, I could write a whole essay about “eyes meeting eyes”, and the silent wonder of each “look”. Who is this person? Do I know them? Yet, there is “an aliveness” in each “look”.

As I live a life of isolation, loving my work within my small boundary, every journey outside my sovereignty is a big step out into the world. I discover that I need people to make me feel “alive”. My dog will always recognise me and accept me but without human beings, responding to my perplexity, will I ever know who I am?

I had my usual tight schedule with errands but this time I opened up for some “fun”. I gave myself time to absorb the atmosphere. Walking down a particular street full of cafés, still early morning, I noticed that each one gave off a certain musical tone. The music seemed to be the determined factor of attraction. It certainly was varied, like different discos. Well, it was a kind of new awareness for me.

I jumped in my car again to drive further out to more vistas. I have a favourite little coffee shop along the Athens road, Athanasiou, where I stopped. A cold frappé (coffee) and a snack. As soon as I stepped inside this little paradise, I heard my favourite music that has not been played for a long time: “Over the Hill” with Monika http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMjXPPpe1-U&feature=related It just made me freeze. Yes, a stopping place where I did not want to move. It was more than just an awakening, it was a positive feeling of “fun”. Sheer fun! How did God know?

My next stop was a store where I had seen a picture a couple of weeks ago which kind of chocked me (while visiting the store with friends buying all sorts of pictures and other beautiful features for their new house). It had taken me a lot of courage to go back and buy the one and only picture waiting for me. How can I describe it? A glamorous Hollywood-looking star in full spotlight, Marilyn Monroe style, blond with red lipstick, a delicious cream sleeveless dress, wine-glass in hand, being totally adored by a crawling assortment of paparazzi trying to reach up to the glamour outshining them. An outrageous picture really but it reminded me of my father, making a prediction when I was still a teenager: Rissan Nelron – A Hollywood Star!

Rissan was a nickname since early childhood. Nelron is just the revert of my maiden name: Norlen. A Hollywood Star, indeed? It seemed an absolute impossibility. I ended up settling in London, working my butt off. Really! But I did visit Hollywood, almost a dozen times, because that’s where my Yoga Master lived and I adored him. And I became friends with his whole colony in LA. So I am not really unknown in Hollywood.

Just for fun, today, I bought this picture. And I allowed Rissan Nelron to grace my front room with her wine glass in hand, outshining her admiring crew.

That is not nearly as interesting as the one and only rain, thunder and lightening event of today, after I got home from my errands in Kalamata.

Panos, my beloved Greek man who passed on some five years ago, and whose birthday it would have been yesterday, told me that it always rained on his birthday. The whole summer in Greece there is no rain but on his birthday there is always a shower. Well, yesterday we had rumbling of thunder in the Taygetos mountains but it never reached the slopes down to Stoupa. But today, late afternoon, we felt the full force of wonderful cooling rain and thunder. Thank you, Panos!

And don’t forget – tomorrow is a Full Moon!



Missionary of Life