1st June 2012

Goose bumps, shivers up my spine … yes! “Euphoria” with Loreen from Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012! Here I see, feel and hear the powerful energy of love and joy, balanced between female and male, expressed through graceful movements of dance and music. Watch it here:

I recently read an article about the benefits of singing, how sound vibrations from the vocal chords resonate through our minds and bodies to harmonize with the universe. An excellent way of healing.

Last night I attended a delightful event at Sonnenlink here in Mani where a poet/singer recited exquisite poetry by Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Blake, Shelley and Byron by singing out loud, accompanied by a pianist intuitively interpreting the “mood” of each poem. An excellent performance – yes, euphoric! The influence of the Renaissance, Western cultural enlightenment, came alive again to continue its flow.

The word “euphoria” is Greek, meaning intense feelings of well-being, elation, happiness, ecstasy, excitement and joy.

Allow euphoria …!

Amma Magi

Missionary of Life